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Get savvy, get strong! Discover the Secrets to Balancing Your Hormones and Your Life. BLOSSOMING, Becoming a Woman is a ground-breaking guide for making a safe and exciting journey from girlhood to womanhood.

Written by the caring, brilliant Dr. Victoria Mondloch, OB-GYN and wellness physician, this book helps you answer the many questions about your body and your life that may occur as you move through this transition from girl to woman.

Questions like:
Why is my body doing this to me?
How can I deal with these cramps?
Why do I laugh one minute and cry the next?
Why do I gain weight if I even look at a potato chip?
Why do I get acne one month and not another?

Some of the answers Dr. Mondloch gives you not only deal with the physical changes but also with the pressures and distractions that adolescents have to manage in their lives.